What's in her name?

What's in her name (Salish Aire)?

from her new home the Salish Sea

Aire as in a melody of song.

Salish + Aire = The melody of the Salish Sea.

Salish Sea:
In the late 1700's Captain George Vancouver wandered around the waters of what are now known as British Columbia, Canada and Washington State, USA. He did the usual 1700's explorer thing and put names he chose on everything he saw. The names stuck and are recognized and used to this day.

New lines were added to Captain Vancouver's charts in 1872 (after a near war with Great Britain over a pig) which made waters on one side of the line Canadian and those on the other side of the line American.

It wasn't until 1988 (officiated in 2009) that someone finally realized that fish and various critters, (to say nothing of the water itself) were never involved in the boundary treaties and really ignored them completely. (This is best illustrated by the problems that Homeland Security has with Canadian Canada Geese and American Canadian Geese - it seems they refuse to carry passports and have been known to poop on the head of any border patrol person who tries to challenge their right to cross the border when and where they choose!) In reality the waters from Olympia to the well up the East side of Vancouver Island are pretty much one ecosystem.

The Coast Salish are the indigenous peoples who live in southwest British Columbia and northwest Washington state along the Salish Sea and share a common linguistic and cultural origin. The Salish Sea is named in honor of the earliest recorded peoples who plied her waters and learned to live in harmony with her.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Live Aboards

A Yahoo group we subscribe to recently had a discussion about blogs and what interest people.  That got me to thinking about who would be likely to read our blog and why we go to the trouble.  Since we are working through the challenges of being new to living aboard, and get periodic questions about how / why we made the choices we did, it seems reasonable to focus on us as new live aboard owners.

So backing up a bit:
  • Salish Aire is a 1996 Nordhavn 46 ft boat purchased in Florida to be moved to the Pacific North West (PNW) (Washington State, USA). 
  • We chose to move her in a freighter to get her to her new home.
  • Since getting her in her home berth we have focused on getting her ready for a PNW winter and making sure we understand her electronic systems and that they function the way we like
With those thoughts in mind, I will try to add some sidebar articles on what we have learned along the way.